Surgical Stadium

Surgical Stadium Lab Cadaver Demonstrations


Watch top surgeons demonstrate and discuss cutting-edge spine procedures and technologies in detail, live from the new Surgical Stadium Cadaver lab, located in the center of the exhibit hall.

  • Seating allows for exceptional viewing of procedures and high-interaction with surgeons.
  • Pose your questions in real time throughout the demonstrations.

Concurrent Multi-tool Navigation with No Cameras, Markers, References or Tool Modifications

Presented by VUZE
Type of procedure: Spinal stabilization
With proprietary real-time image processing, VUZE overlays unmodified tools from live 2D X-rays on vertebral cross-sections from either a standard pre-op CT or an in-OR 3D scan. Concurrent multiple tools are supported, allowing two surgeons to work in parallel. Only a 2D C-arm and a PC running the VUZE software are required. FDA-cleared for MIS S1-T7 stabilizations and patented worldwide.


Presented by ALPHATEC
Type of Procedure: Lateral Interbody Fusion
Lateral in the prone position with the use of positions and approach specific instrumentation.

Bi-portal Endoscopic TLIF with Expandable cage & rhBMP-2(Putty carrier)

Presented by CGBIO
Type of procedure: TLIF by bi-portal endoscopic
This session will address accessing the spine, exposing the disc space, and replacing the disc with a bone graft. After gaining access to the disc, the disc material is removed. The surgeon then places an interbody expandable cage that is filled with a putty rhBMP-2 though a bone graft delivery tool to prevent leakage of rhBMP-2.

The Future of Spine Surgery Reimagined Through Extended Reality and Novel Power Tools

Presented by GLOBUS
Type of procedure: MIS TLIF
Minimally invasive TLIF enabled by Excelsius Hub navigation and extended reality and DuraPro power tools.

The AiBLE Experience

Presented by MEDTRONIC
Type of Procedure: MIS lower lumbar technique along with implants & biologics with use of robotics and navigation
Medtronic will be showcasing our latest procedural offerings that support the Medtronic AiBLETM ecosystem, highlighting the Mazor™ robotic guidance system with the latest integration of UNiDTM ASI. The Medtronic AiBLETM ecosystem consists of Data Analytics, Information Exchange, Advanced Visualization & Robotics AiBLETM connects Medtronic solutions & products more cohesively representing the commitment to bringing connectivity & integration inside & outside the OR. This enables surgeons to be more efficient, predict more during surgical planning, & have more control and confidence over the care they deliver by allowing them to plan their surgeries & analyze patient outcomes.

VueLIF Procedure Featuring the TELIGEN System

Presented by DEPUY
Type of procedure: MIS TLIF
TELIGEN™ System, an integrated technology platform that enables minimally invasive surgical transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (MIS-TLIF) procedures through digital tools for visualization and access. The TELIGEN System is comprised of a tower that delivers a suite of technologies, including: a camera control system, a VueLIF procedure kit with a disposable HD camera, a TELIGEN Clear Discectomy Device and patient-based disposable ports.