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Spine Education Series Module 1: Basic Science


Starts: Thu 8:00AM CT (Sep 01, 2022) Ends: Thu 11:59PM CT (Sep 01, 2022) OnDemand

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This module provides an in-depth overview of the basics of spinal disorders and constructs the base of knowledge for other modules. The summary of history of spinal disorders allows understanding of how developments occurred. The knowledge on Spinal Biomechanics and Cell Biology are important in understanding of diseases and treatment strategies in spine surgery. Pathways of Spinal Pain, genetics of spinal disorders and age-related changes are important in every aspect of understanding treatment strategies that are discussed in further modules in more detail. Principles of spinal balance and development of spinal dys-balance are reviewed and summarized. Basic technical concepts of biomechanics of spinal instrumentation, biologics in fusion, and also epidemiological concepts such as predictors of treatment outcome and spinal registries are provided. The pre-operative evaluation of the patient, including history and physical assessment, imaging studies and neurological investigations are summarized. Anesthesiological aspects before, during and after a spine surgery are described in a very understandable and efficient way.

This Module provides the basic knowledge and concepts of spinal disorders and is the foundation for subsequent Modules.

Module Structure:
This Module consists of 22 online lectures.

Mode of Examination:
Each lecture has an online pre-learning quiz and concludes with a final lecture assessment. The final assessment of every lecture in a given module must be passed, before the learner can earn their NASS Certificate of Completion.

All online quizzes and assessments use a standard multiple choice question format.


Chairs: Nobert Boos, MD; Mazda Farshad, MD

Norbert Boos, MD; Kenneth Cheung, MD; Karin Würtz-Kozak, R.Ph, PhD, MBA; Emin Aghayev, MD, MSc; José Aguirre, MD, MSc; Chris Arts, PhD; Armin Curt, MD; Mazda Farshad, MD; Stephen Ferguson, PhD; Carol Hasler, MD; Özden Özyemişçi Taşkıran, MD; Muhammad Asad Qureshi, MD; Marius R Schmid, MD; Max Aebi, MD, DHC, FRCSC; Dominique Rothenfluh, MD, PhD

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, participants should gain strategies to:

Know the main steps in the history of spinal disorders;

Understand principles of spinal biomechanics and biomechanics of spinal instrumentation;

Know the concepts of cell biology in spine, and the biology of spinal fusion;

Understand spinal balance and dys-balance;

Have an overview about the epidemiology of spinal disorders, predictors of treatment outcomes and the function of spine registries;

Know the principles of pre-operative assessment of a patient, including spinal imaging and neurological investigations;

Understand the concepts of anaesthesiological management of a spine patient before, during and after surgery.


All members and nonmembers in the medical field.

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