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Beginner Endoscopic Solutions for Lumbar Disc Herniation and Endoscopic Techniques

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Starts: Tue 7:30AM (May 14, 2019) Ends: Tue 1:30PM (May 14, 2019)

This beginner, half-day (morning) intensive program demonstrates the recent evolution of endoscopic spinal surgery (ESS) as well as its current stance as a feasible treatment alternative for various lumbar spine pathologies.

Reflecting the higher demands from the patients for a smaller incision, minimized manipulation to normal structures, as well as consequent faster recovery, these endoscopic procedures have been well acclaimed from various minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS) related societies around the globe recently. Novel advances in the field of endoscopic optics and miniaturized but reinforced surgical tools would be thoroughly scrutinized and compared to assess their future capabilities to replace the conventional ‘open’ surgeries under microscopic view.

Discussions take place on cases that illustrate common clinical problems that average spine practitioners routinely face, their feasible solutions using spinal endoscopy including surgical “tips and pearls” on these emerging percutaneous procedures, with debates from opposing viewpoints that favor standard operations given on that treatment considerations.

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Jun-ho Lee, MD

Dong Hwa Heo, MD

Jin-Sung Kim, MD

Ralf Wagner, MD

Michael Wang, MD

What You'll Learn

Perform the basic skills for the endoscopic approaches (transforaminal & interlaminar) and should be capable of selecting proper modality based upon preoperative anatomical and imaging considerations Describe contraindications to the performance of the procedure

Differentiate the current standard and this novel surgical options, indications and contraindications for ESS and an evidence-based justification for this endoscopy application considerations

Discuss the treatment stratification (ramification) from conservative management, endoscopy application to conventional open surgeries based on the illustrative cases and debate with opposing viewpoints on treatment options

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Metro Toronto Convention Centre
South Building, Meeting Room 501
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1X5

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InterContinental Toronto Centre (200m walking distance)
225 Front St W,
Toronto, ON M5V 2X3

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Disclaimer - NASS courses are created to enhance physician understanding of the complexity of performing these procedures only. The course is not designed to certify that attendees are proficient in the procedures taught in the course. NASS strongly advises participants to continue to have proctoring, mentoring and additional experience prior to treating patients.

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