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Spine Education Series Module 5: Deformity and Malformation in Children and Adolescents


Starts: Thu 8:00AM CT (Sep 01, 2022) Ends: Thu 11:59PM CT (Sep 01, 2022) OnDemand

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This Module deals with the pediatric and adolescent deformities of the spine, their etiology, pathomorphology, imaging and clinical presentation, and classification. For better understanding, there is a focus on the growing spine at the beginning. Included is a presentation on spinal cord anomalies which play an important role in the context of congenital scoliosis.

Following on from the biomechanics of a deformed spine, there is a focus on treatment modalities, spanning cast treatment, brace treatment and the surgical treatment of the different pathologies. The different techniques and concepts of surgical treatment of pediatric and adolescent scoliosis, including modern navigation technology, are all described and discussed in the context of their appropriate indications. The practical preoperative preparation of the patient in the operating room is appropriately considered.

Module Structure:
This Module consists of 23 online lectures.

Mode of Examination:
Each lecture has an online pre-learning quiz and concludes with a final lecture assessment. The final assessment of every lecture in a given module must be passed, before the learner can earn their NASS Certificate of Completion.

All online quizzes and assessments use a standard multiple choice question format.


Chair: Marco Brayda-Bruno, MD

Virginie Lafage, PhD; Vincent Arlet, MD; Massimo Balsano, MD; Hongda Bao, MD; Marco Brayda-Bruno, MD; Federico Canavese, MD, PhD; Mario Di Silvestre, MD; Bassel G. Diebo, MD; Alain Dimeglio, MD; Jean Dubousset, MD; Tamás Fekete, MD; Fabio Galbusera, PhD; Theodoros B Grivas, MD, PhD; Yan Lefèvre, MD; Ulf R. Liljenquist, MD; Alessio Lovi, MD; Andrea Luca, MD; Ibrahim Obeid, MD; Norbert Passuti, MD; Javier Pizones, MD, PhD; Frank J. Schwab, MD; Jean-Paul Steib, MD; Alberto Zerbi, MD

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, participants should gain strategies to:

Understand etiopathogenesis and natural history of pediatric and adolescent deformities of any etiology;

Be updated on spinal cord anomalies and congenital deformities in pediatric patients;

Learn about specific imaging and biomechanics of spinal deformities;

Understand indications and principles of conservative treatment in pediatric spinal deformities;

Learn principles for surgical treatment and describe the different surgical approaches and strategies to correct pediatric deformities.


All members and nonmembers in the medical field.

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