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Biologic Interventions for Spinal Pathologies: Stem Cells, Growth Factors, and Novel Therapeutics

Starts: Fri 7:00AM CT (Apr 21, 2023) Ends: Fri 5:00PM CT (Apr 21, 2023) OnDemand

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Experts from academia and industry will discuss the pertinent technologies and relevant issues in biologics use for spinal conditions in this comprehensive one-day program in Chicago. Spinal biologics is rapidly evolving and being recognized for its potential to treat challenging painful conditions. However, the indications, risks, and concerns regarding biologics for a variety of spinal conditions have not been agreed upon. Because of the differences in regulatory pathways for many of these products, the availability of data is variable making administrative decision-making difficult. This program will provide spine professionals with the latest updates for 2023 on the use of biologics for spinal conditions.

This is a non-CME event.


NASS courses are created to enhance physician understanding of the complexity of performing these procedures only. The course is not designed to certify that attendees are proficient in the procedures taught in the course. NASS strongly advises participants to continue to have proctoring, mentoring and additional experience prior to treating patients.


Raymond J. Hah, MD

Zorica Buser, PhD, MBA


Local, national and international spine surgeons, nonoperative healthcare providers, industry, researchers, patients and related clinicians.

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