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Spine Education Series Module 8: Infection, Inflammation and Metabolic Disease


Starts: Thu 8:00AM CT (Sep 01, 2022) Ends: Thu 11:59PM CT (Sep 01, 2022) OnDemand

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This module addresses the different pathologies which can be encountered. Infections are categorized by the differentiating criteria of specific (tuberculosis) and non-specific infections. Indications for the different treatment modalities are discussed and the interdisciplinary character of this pathology is emphasized. A clear differentiation is made between the treatment of osteomyelitis of the spine and the epidural abscess.

Inflammatory disorders, specifically rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, are presented with a focus of early rheumatological diagnosis and pharmacological treatment. The fully-fledged deformity in late stage ankylosing spondylitis is alluded to but is dealt with more comprehensively in Module 4, Adult Deformity.

Module Structure:
This Module consists of 18 online lectures.

Mode of Examination:
Each lecture has an online pre-learning quiz and concludes with a final lecture assessment. The final assessment of every lecture in a given module must be passed, before the learner can earn their NASS Certificate of Completion.

All online quizzes and assessments use a standard multiple choice question format.


Chairs: Bronek Boszcyk, MD; Marcin Czyz, MD

Adrian Jones, MD; Roger Bayston, MMedSci, PhD, FRCPath; Christof Birkenmaier, MD; Marcin Czyz, MD; Laura Edwards, MD; Rishi Kanna, Dr, MS, MRCS, FNB; Beniko Lawrence, MD; Reuben Soh, MBBS, FRCS; Vivienne Weston, MBBS MSc in medical microbiology FRCP FRCPath

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, participants should gain strategies to:

Understand biology and pathophysiology of inflammatory and infectious conditions of the spinal column;

Enable appropriate ethology-based imagining and laboratory work- up to establish case based differential diagnosis;

Formulate appropriate evidence based medical and surgical management strategies for inflammatory and infectious disorders of the spinal column, including indication and techniques for urgent surgical intervention.


All members and nonmembers in the medical field.

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