NASS International Distinction Program

The Distinction Program encourages spine specialists to improve health care outcomes through the continued accumulation of CME and participation in worldwide education to improve Spine Care for patients.

NASS International Distinction Program

This program encourages participants to create a stronger health care environment through attainment of CME and ongoing paid membership in NASS.


NASS international physician and physician assistant paid members in good standing who complete the requirements described below are eligible.


  • Highlight your Distinction to your patients and professional community with annual certificates that reflect your achievements in the Spine Care field.
  • Attain the highest level of Distinction with Double Platinum Status.
  • NASS International Members of Distinction featured in the “find a member” section of the NASS website. A photo, along with a specialized icon, will designate you as an International Member of Distinction.
  • Receive an annual level of accomplishment certificate with seal as you progress through the courses and modules.
  • Acknowledgement in SpineLine for those who have recently attained Distinction status.

Let's Get Started

Participants will receive an email from NASS after he/she has completed one of the criteria, triggering their participation in the NASS International Distinction Program. If you have questions about the Distinction Program, please contact Sabina Choinski by email.

Initiate Distinction Program Status

To initiate the program, participants must attend a NASS-sponsored international course OR complete one of five program modules (a layout specific to certain NASS international courses). This will generate an International Member of Distinction designation. As participants progress through the Distinction Program, they will improve their level of distinction: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and the coveted Double Platinum. Certificates with seal representative of your accomplishment level will be sent to you to display in your practice.

Annual Maintenance of Distinction Program Status

To maintain status in the NASS International Distinction Program, participants must:

  • Maintain a paid NASS membership.
  • Attend a NASS-sponsored international course or Distinction Program module once every 3 years.
  • Attend the NASS Annual Meeting once every 5 years.

Expansion of Program

The NASS International Distinction Program will continue to expand in the future to include spine centers and hospitals.