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The Latest Minimally Invasive Techniques for the Treatment of Lumbar & Cervical Spine Disorders

Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education (PASE)

Starts: 7:30AM Fri Oct 12, 2018 Ends: 3:00PM Sat Oct 13, 2018


Jeffrey C. Wang, MD

Alan Hilibrand, MD


Dirk H. Alander, MD

D. Greg Anderson, MD

Patrick C. Hsieh, MD, MS

John C. Liu, MD

Kris E. Radcliff, MD

K. Daniel Riew, MD

Michael Y. Wang, MD

Christopher A. Yeung, MD

Co-sponsored with Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education (PASE) of Saint Louis University

Utilizing the latest technology, this hands-on surgical anatomy course explores minimally invasive techniques for the cervical and lumbar spine. Through hands-on experience with cadaveric specimens, you will learn indications, minimally invasive techniques, potential complications and rehabilitation protocols. Intensive skills labs provide ample time to practice lumbar spine techniques including MIS decompression, lateral interbody fusion, and MIS pedicle screw fixation, as well as cervical spine techniques including cervical foraminotomy and minimally invasive percutaneous PLIF/TLIF.

What you will learn:

  • Laminoplasty: MIS Techniques/Indications
  • Percutanous Pedicle Screw and TLIF: Pearls and Pitfalls
  • Lateral Interbody Fusion: When, Why and How?
  • Image Guidance and Computer Navigation
  • Endoscopic Lumbar-Transforaminal Approach
  • Endoscopic Lumbar-Interlaminar Approach
  • Cervical Foraminotomy/Laminoplasty
  • Complications in MIS Surgery/Management

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