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Coding Update 2018: Conquering Your Coding Hurdles

Hilton Austin

Starts: 7:00AM Fri Apr 06, 2018 Ends: 4:00PM Sat Apr 07, 2018


Donna Lahey, RNFA

Recognized by spine professionals as one of the most comprehensive, informative, and interactive courses in the spine industry, the NASS coding course is essential to practices desiring to maximize reimbursement through proper coding while staying on the forefront of coding changes, payer policies and new government regulations. The course provides tools and instruction to increase your practice’s bottom line and propel it into the future, including ICD9/ICD10 cross walking, E&M coding, and CPT4 coding of surgical, medical, and radiologic procedures. Participants will leave this course with tips on how to navigate through the authorization and denial process, utilize Medicare NCCI edits, and properly document to receive reimbursement.

Participants will be given the opportunity to meet one-on-one with physician faculty who lead NASS’ CPT, RUC and reimbursement efforts; participate in “real op notes” hands-on coding sessions and be part of an interactive panel discussion with leading experts in the spine coding industry.

What you will learn:

  • Improve cash flow by reducing denials and resubmissions
  • Identify problems which cause rejected/delayed claims
  • Correlate correct coding with practice reimbursement ensuring that every procedure is reimbursed at its highest allowable level
  • Recognize the relationship between proper diagnostic (ICD-10) and procedural coding (CPT-4) and how to link them to avoid denials
  • Learn the elements required for complete and accurate documentation for E&M coding, and medical and surgical procedure notes
  • Know the accurate use of modifiers and their impact on reimbursement
  • Effectively and accurately code interventional injection procedures and neurologic testing
  • Utilize payer reimbursement policies and guidelines to avoid claim denials and obtain proper authorization
  • Effectively incorporate teachings of this course into their practice
  • Recognize the relationship between proper diagnostic (ICD-10) and procedural coding (CPT-4) and how to link them to avoid denials

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