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2018 Ultrasound Guided Lumbar Procedures

Specialty Education & Research Center (near Chicago)

Starts: 6:00PM Fri Jun 22, 2018 Ends: 4:00PM Sat Jun 23, 2018


David O’Brien, MD

Sanjog Pangarkar, MD

Mark Hurdle, MD

Ultrasound technologies are at the forefront of pain management treatments used today. Making use of new improvements in musculoskeletal transducers, physicians can hone in on peripheral nerves and their adjacent structures clearly. Ultrasound can improve accuracy for medication placement during procedures as well as provide real time evaluation of pain generators. The technology is safe, portable, and does not expose patient or practitioner to radiation. Take advantage of ultrasound technologies by enrolling in the Ultrasound Guided Pain Management Injection Training.

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