Lumbar Spinal Injections and Stimulation Workshop

Shanghai, China

STARTS: May 19, 2016 ENDS: May 19, 2016

Course Chairmen

Yong Hai, MD, PhD

Jianyuan Jiang, MD

Yong Qiu, MD

Jeffrey C. Wang, MD

Expert Faculty

David Fish, MD

David O’Brien, MD

Richard Weiner, MD

Sanjog Pangarkar, MD

Chi-Tsai Tang, MD

This intensive workshop on lumbar spinal injections and stimulation techniques provides formal didactics, hands-on training and discussions to provide a full understanding of the role of lumbar spinal injections and stimulation in spine care.

Experienced faculty from multiple disciplines provide an intimate opportunity to improve knowledge regarding patient selection, injection techniques and spinal cord stimulation procedures.

What you will learn

  • Summarize the role of each injection in the overall care and rehabilitation of the spine patien

  • Describe contraindications to the performance of the procedure

  • Recognize potential complications associated with each procedure

  • Differentiate technical parameters in the performance of each procedure

  • Demonstrate anatomy and safe radiological principles involved in each injection