NASS Spine Education Series – Online Learning at Your Own Pace

Watch OnDemand and learn at your own pace with the NASS Spine Education Series. The online series consists of 9 stand-alone modules addressing a wide range of spine and scientific topics presented by experts in their fields.

Spine professionals can learn according to their specific interests and at a self-directed pace through a series of lectures by distinguished faculty. You wil also have access to extensive resources including a library of structured anatomy and surgical access films from the Open Operating Theatre (OOT) platform, as well as additional learning resources, such as relevant chapters from state-of-the-art textbooks, original research papers and review articles from leading spine journals.

NASS Spine Education Series Modules are based on decades of experience in training and educating spine surgeons across the world. The eLearning platform is co-branded with, and endorsed by, NASS and eccElearning, the e-learning platform developed under the European Spine Journal.

You must complete any purchased module within one year. After one year from the date of purchased module, work will not be kept and the participant will need to re-purchase and restart the module to complete.

Completion of a module and related assessments will earn the learner CME (amount varies per module) and a NASS Certificate of Completion. Learn More.

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Module Bonus Content

In addition to the lectures in each module, the following is included:

Structured Anatomy and Surgical Access Films
Enrollment of any module grants access to 16 anatomy and surgical access films which have been commissioned, edited and produced in conjunction with the Open Operating Theatre (OOT). These films allow the learner to view the surgery from the surgeon's viewpoint and clearly present all of the major surgical access routes employed in modern spine surgery in a structured educational format. Viewing the films is not required, but are an important component of the various modules.

Additional Learning Resources
Additional learning resources include relevant chapters from state-of-the-art textbooks, original research papers, and review articles from leading spine journals. These additional resources are not required, but are strongly recommended.

*Please note that due to publisher restrictions, some listed materials may not be available on the platform.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of these modules, learners will gain strategies to:
  • Verify or enhance basic knowledge on various topics through lectures given by experts in the field
  • Expand his/her knowledge and skills in the field of spine surgery beyond the basic knowledge through pre-selected additional resources.
  • Master the anatomy relevant to the various surgical accesses used in spine surgery.
  • Analyze and accurately diagnose spinal disorders and propose appropriate and effective treatments.
  • Choose and apply the correct patient outcome tools for appropriate follow up.

Target Audience

All spine care professionals interested in expanding their spine knowledge. This includes but is not limited to: practicing spine surgeons, spine fellows, residents and non-surgical spine specialists.

Additional Information

Each lecture has an online pre-learning quiz and concludes with a final lecture assessment. The final assessment of every lecture in a given module must be passed, before the learner can earn their NASS Certificate of Completion.

All online quizzes and assessments use a standard multiple choice question format.

Purchase of a module allows access for up to one year. Each module is approximated to take about 4 months to complete, however, this may be more or less dependent on the learners’ own self-directed pace.

A CME Certificate download is available after each lecture.

All modules are accredited by the EACCME. Credits can be converted to AMA PRA Category 1 Credits. Email the completed EACCME Credit Conversion Application to

If there are any issues or questions regarding CME Credits & Certificates, please contact or fill out the “Contact Us” form located under the Learning and Progress tab.

Upon completion of all module lectures and assessments, NASS staff will email you directly with a Certificate of Completion. Please allow 4-7 business days to receive this Certificate.

If you have any questions about your NASS Certificate, please contact NASS Staff at

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NASS Spine Education Series Modules are based on decades of experience in training and educating spine surgeons across the world. The Elearning platform is co-branded with, and endorsed by, NASS and the European Spine Journal.

The academic content has been commissioned and quality assured by an internationally recognized scientific Editorial Board associated with the European Spine Journal and the NASS International Council.