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Membership Types and Eligibility


Active members are Board-certified MDs and DOs, or PhDs (or equivalent) who devote at least 50% of their professional activities to spine in the areas of clinical care of patients, academic research, teaching or patient advocacy.

$690 $517.50



Associate members are Board-eligible MDs and DOs, or individuals who have completed a substantially equivalent program who devote at least 50% of their professional activities to spine in the areas of clinical care of patients, academic research, teaching or patient advocacy.

$690 $517.50



Affiliate members are physicians or PhDs who devote less than 50% of their professional activities to spine, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physician assistants, chiropractors, physical therapists, researchers, practice managers, coders, technical professionals or other health care professionals with an interest in spine in the areas of clinical care of patients, academic research, teaching or patient advocacy.

$355 $266.25


International Premium

International members may choose to purchase and enjoy a new value-added package of additional benefits. View the benefits of choosing International Premium.

$300 $225.00



International members are healthcare professionals and researchers who are domiciled outside the USA and who have an interest in improving treatment outcomes of patients' suffering from all types of spinal disorder. View the benefits of being an International Member.

$150 $112.50



In-training members are physicians, medical students, graduate students or other individuals of the medical profession, basic sciences or allied services who are enrolled in a full-time, accredited training program or postdoctoral fellowship related to spine care. Individuals who have been awarded a terminal degree and are returning for additional education unrelated to spine care are not eligible.



*The above prices represent prorated 2023 membership dues (from April 1, 2023 through June 30, 2023); dues are prorated on a quarterly basis
and are nonrefundable.
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Don't qualify for the above membership types?

Become a Commercial Affiliate of NASS to receive subscriptions to The Spine Journal (TSJ), SpineLine, course discounts, access to SpineConnect and more.

Military Discount

Members who are actively deployed or have active duty orders as United States military personnel may be eligible for waived membership dues. To request a military discount, please contact the NASS Membership Department by sending an email or by calling 866-960-6277 or 630-230-3600.

Categories for Existing Members


Emeritus members are individuals who have been Active members for at least fifteen years and have retired from the practice of medicine.



Honorary membership is bestowed by the Board of Directors to recognized leaders in the field of spine care.


Change in Category

Non-MD/DO/PhD Members who wish to apply as an Active Members:

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All other category changes:


Membership Application Process

NASS membership is on a calendar-year basis (January 1 – December 31) and dues are prorated quarterly. Members who join from September 16 – December 31 receive the remainder of that year for free and pay full dues for the following year.

The application process includes six steps:

Membership benefits are activated immediately when an application is complete (all required information is received and dues are paid).
The NASS Membership Committee reviews all applications to assess compliance with eligibility criteria. Applications are sent to the Membership Committee on November 16, January 16, March 16, May 16, July 16 and September 16. The Membership Committee has 30 days to review applications.
Following Membership Committee review, all voting members of NASS (Active and Associate) are given 30 days to review the list of candidates who passed committee review and object.
If an individual does not pass Member Committee review or an objection is received from a voting member, the candidate is informed via email and has the opportunity to appeal that rejection/objection to the NASS Board of Directors.
Following committee and member review (60 days total), accepted candidates receive notification via email of their provisional acceptance and may access their certificate of membership; official acceptance requires a vote by the NASS Board of Directors.
During their bi-annual meetings, the Board of Directors vote to accept candidates and review any appeals to rejections/objections received since their last meeting.


Questions about NASS Membership?

Contact the Membership Department:

Phone: 866-960-6277 or 001-630-230-3600 from outside the United States,
Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-4:00 pm Central time

Text*: From United States phone numbers, text ASKNASS to 33222
*By signing up for text communication, you agree to receive text messages from NASS (number of texts varies by level of communication). Message and data rates may apply. Reply Stop to end. Text alerts are limited to United States phone numbers only.