New Code Request/Revision

  • How to request a new or revised Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code through NASS
  • Step 1: Please review the AMA CPT, and RUC processes

  • Step 2: Next, draft the suggested new code or code revision (due to change in physician work) and indicate rationale of code addition or revision and enhancement to the current coding system. (Please note: code proposals for new technology require FDA approval of the technology and a minimum of two published two-year follow-up studies on the technology, at least one of which must have been conducted by an impartial researcher.) All such submissions must include completion of a NASS disclosure of financial interest form to make transparent any potential conflicts of interest.

  • Step 3: Finally, email, fax, or mail the code revision or proposal to us at:

    North American Spine Society Code Proposal Revision
    Attn: Allison Waxler
    20 F Street NW, Suite 310
    Washington, DC 20001
    Fax: (630) 230-3783
    Email: Allison Waxler

  • What Happens Now? Code changes are considered on a two-year cycle. A completed proposal must be submitted to the AMA CPT Editorial Panel by June 30, 2023 in order for the code change to be included in the 2025 AMA Current Procedural Terminology. Code changes submitted after June 2023 will be considered for the 2026 AMA Current Procedural Terminology.

    Please submit any suggested code changes or additions to NASS at least six weeks prior to the AMA CPT submission deadline to allow for adequate review.

    Upon receipt of the suggested code addition or revision, NASS’ Coding Committee Chairs, NASS’ AMA CPT Advisor, and NASS’ AMA RUC Advisor will review the proposal. NASS staff will communicate the decision in writing.