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Compendium of Outcomes Instruments for Assessment and Research of Spinal Disorders
3rd Edition

This Compendium provides a succinct overview of the most commonly used and emerging instruments in spine and provides some insight into the rapidly developing arena of technology-based functional outcome assessments. The use of outcome instruments are the basis of the evidence-based medicine and cost-effectiveness/value analyses.

The area of outcome assessment in spine continues to expand in scope (types of assessments, including functional evaluations, electronic based data capture, patient input to evaluations, etc.) and application (clinical assessment, research, guidelines development, cost-effectiveness, reimbursement determination, etc.).

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Note: Donna D. Ohnmeiss, PhD, and the Evidence Analysis & Research Council, will review the content annually for any updates to the instruments and revise accordingly. There is no additional cost for the updates.

© 2022 North American Spine Society. Third Edition. V.3.0

  • Author: North American Spine Society
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  • ISBN: 1-929988-76-1
  • Published On: May 1, 2022
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