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How to Do a Quality Manuscript Review

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  • Published On: Apr 13, 2016
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Conor O'Neill, MD, Deputy Editor


Eric Hurwitz, DC, PhD, Deputy Editor

Eeric Truumees, MD, Deputy Editor

Michael Stauff, MD, Deputy Editor

Taylor Bowen, Managing Editor

Spine Journal reviewers make important contributions to spine science for the benefit of patients and practitioners worldwide. TSJ has rapidly become the world's leading scientific spine publication thanks to superior efforts of authors, reviewers and editors. As a result, submissions to The Spine Journal are at an all-time high and so is demand for high quality primary manuscript reviews.

To support TSJ reviewers whose time is valuable and often scarce, Spine Journal Editors provide helpful and timesaving advice on how to critique manuscripts based on specific criteria. They discuss current peer-reviewer guidelines for TSJ and scientific journals, suggest helpful resources, and provide examples of best ways to communicate constructive comments and recommendations to authors and editors.

What you will learn:

  • Life-Cycle of a Manuscript
  • What Makes a Good Manuscript? Quality Checklists for Reviewers
  • Statistical Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation: What to Look (and Look Out) For
  • Importance of Good Reviews (and How Bad Ones Impact the Process)
  • Elements of a Good Review
  • The Reader's Perspective
  • Ethical Guidelines for Reviewers