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Essential Sessions: NASS 2015 Video Summary

This video features NASS 2015 moderators presenting summaries and key takeaways from essential sessions held at the NASS 30th Annual Meeting. Approximately 90 minutes in length, this video will allow you to experience a wide range of spine education from world-renowned faculty at your leisure in a condensed OnDemand format. CME credit is not available for this video.

The Essential Sessions and Presenters

  • Best Papers: Biologics and Fusion Gwendolyn Sowa, MD, PhD
  • Breakout Session: How Much Evidence is Enough? When to Translate New Biologics into Clinical Practice
    Gwendolyn Sowa, MD, PhD
  • Interdisciplinary Spine Forum: The Future of Spine Care: The Role of Advance Practice and Allied Health Providers
    Eric Buchl, PA-C
  • Interdisciplinary Spine Forum: The Critical Nature of Early Spine Care: A Biopsychosocial and Disability Prevention Perspective
    Gregory L. Whitcomb, DC
  • Symposium: Current Concepts in the Role of the SI Joint in Spine Conditions
    Michael D. Daubs, MD
  • Presidential Address
    Heidi Prather, DO
  • Breakout Session: The Surgical Treatment of Degenerative Scoliosis: An Evidence-based Expert Panel Case Discussion
    Michael D Daubs, MD
  • Breakout Session: Accommodating Multiple Stakeholders in Spine Care: Patients, Payers and Providers
    Kris Radcliff, MD
  • Breakout Session: Evaluation and Management Options for Posterior Pelvic Girdle Disorders
    Devyani Hunt, MD
  • Interdisciplinary Spine Forum: Clinical Biomechanics of the Spine
    Brian D. Stemper, PhD
  • Best Papers: Measurement of Surgical Outcomes
    Michael D. Daubs, MD
  • Section Specialty Track: Section on Biologics and Basic Research: 3D Printing: A New Frontier
    Alan Dang, MD
  • Section Specialty Track: Section on Radiology: Current Strategies for Decreasing Radiation Exposure during Spine Surgery and Interventional Procedures
    Joseph P. Gjolaj, MD
  • Section Specialty Track: Section on Rehabilitation, Interventional and Medical Spine (RIMS): Neck Pain in the Older Population
    Jerome Schofferman, MD
  • Section Specialty Track: Section on Radiology: MRI of Complications and Failures of Spine Surgery
    Moderator: A. Jay Khanna, MD
  • Section Specialty Track: Section on Robotics and Navigation: Fundamentals of Image-guided Spinal Surgery
    Eric W. Nottmeier, MD
  • Section Specialty Track: Section on Spine Motion Technology: The Debate: Motion versus Fusion
    Scott L. Blumenthal, MD
  • Interdisciplinary Spine Forum: Hip-Spine Syndromes: Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Concurrent Low Back Pain and Hip Pathology
    Evan Johnson, PT, DPT, OCS; Leonard Voronov, MD, PhD
  • Symposium: Crossing the Bridge from Basic Science to Clinical Practice
    Paul Hodges, PhD
  • Observation: Emerging World of Physical Therapy and Spinal
    Shirley Sahrmann, PT, PhD
  • Interdisciplinary Spine Forum: Spine Point/Counterpoint: Surgical versus Nonsurgical Approaches to Spine Care
    Simon Dagenais, DC, PhD
  • Best Papers: Adjacent Segment and Junctional Complications
    Michael D. Daubs, MD
  • Research Grant and Fellowship Awards Presentations
    Charles A. Reitman, MD
  • Interdisciplinary Spine Forum: Perioperative Care: What the Surgeon Needs to Know
    Gregory L. Whitcomb, DC
  • Breakout Session: Does Our Current Research Paradigm Improve or Impede the Quality of Care for Low Back Pain (LBP) Patients?
    Ronald G. Donelson, MD, MS
  • Interdisciplinary Spine Forum: Value-based Reforms and the Changing Landscape of Spine Care
    Brian Justice, DC
  • Symposium: Choosing the Right Spine Outcome Measure for the Lumbar Spine
    Venu Akuthota, MD
  • Breakout Session: Balancing Quality with Cost in Spine Care: Strategies and Challenges
    S. Samuel Bederman, MD, PhD, FRCSC
  • Symposium: Sport-related Head and Neck Injuries: Making the Correct Call
    Michael L. Reed, DPT, OCS

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  • Published On: Nov 1, 2015
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