NASS Insider

August 17, 2021

2021-2024 At-Large Board of Directors Member Candidates Announced:
Get to know the Candidates before voting begins

In early 2021, NASS solicited applications for two at-large member positions (one nonsurgical, one surgical) to serve three-year terms (2021-2024) on NASS’ Board of Directors. The organization received a large number of applications, which the Nominating Committee reviewed before making finalist recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Board then approved a slate of two candidates per position to be voted on by NASS’ Active and Associate (voting) members. At-large positions are eligible to become either a voting or a nonvoting member of the Board of Directors based on the candidate’s ability to comply with the Level 1 requirements outlined in the NASS Policy on Conflict of Interest for Leadership Positions. Candidates who can comply with the Level 1 requirements will become a voting member of the board; however, if they cannot comply, they will join the Board as a nonvoting member.

The final candidates have each provided biographies and responses to two questions to allow voting members to assess their backgrounds and goals for their proposed terms on the Board:
  1. What does NASS membership mean to you?
  2. What goal would you have as an at-large member on the NASS Board of Directors?
Voting opens August 26. Voting members of NASS (Active and Associate Members) will receive an e-mail with instructions for online voting. More details regarding the online voting will be also provided in the next issue of NASS Insider on Aug. 31.