NASS Insider

April 19, 2022

Expert Faculty Address the Unique Challenges of Spinal Tumors: May 13-14 in Chicago

In this comprehensive hands-on spinal tumors course, expert faculty will present the latest advances in surgical, medical and radiation oncology. Moving away from the traditional format of didactic lectures, the course will be an interactive, case-based discussion. Attendees will explore the latest techniques and technology and surgeons will have ample time to practice advanced surgical techniques in the hands-on skills lab.


  • Raphaele Charest-Morin, MD; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Matthew Colman, MD; Midwest Orthopedics at Rush, Chicago, IL, US
  • Wende N. Gibbs, MD, MS; Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ, US
  • Ziya L. Gokaslan, MD, FACS; Brown University, Providence, RI, US
  • Matthew L. Goodwin, MD, PhD, FACSM; Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, US
  • Joshua C. Patt, MD, MPH; Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC, US
  • Kristin Redmond, MD, MPH; Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, US
  • Joseph H. Schwab, MD; Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, US
  • Daniel M. Sciubba, MD; Northwell Health, Great Neck, NY, US

Topics include:

  • Treatment Strategies for Spinal Metastases: What are the Goals?
  • Advances in Radiation Oncology: What You Need to Know
  • Surgery for Spine Metastases: Complications Management
  • Enabling Technologies for Spine Tumor Surgery
  • En Bloc Surgical Techniques for Primary Tumors
  • Case Discussions

Hands-on Skill Lab:

  • Fenestrated / Expandable Screw Techniques (Open/Closed)
  • Percutaneous Long Segment Fixation Techniques
  • Navigation Techniques
  • Separation Surgery
  • Intralesional Vertebrectomy
  • Posterior Approaches to the cervicothoracic area, including osteotomies
  • Posterior approaches for thoracic, lumbar en bloc spondylectomy
  • Sacrectomy techniques