NASS Insider

November 03, 2020

NASSJ - Call for Papers

Top Reasons to Publish with the North American Spine Society Journal (NASSJ)
North American Spine Society Journal (NASSJ) is a new open access journal that publishes peer-reviewed research, critical reviews, editorials, and exchanges related to spine surgery and spine care.

Benefits of submitting your next manuscript to NASSJ:
  • Visibility: Your article will be published without restriction or limitation on and on Science Direct, where it can be found and read by 17 million readers per month.
  • Trust: The North American Spine Society is the leading global non-profit organization uniting all those connected in spine care into a member community.
  • Quality: Dr. Jonathan Grauer, Editor in Chief, leads a multidisciplinary editorial team dedicated to providing authors with thoughtful peer-review.
  • Innovation: Your research is positioned to form a building block for the next great discovery. By publishing in NASSJ, your work is immediately available in its entirety and free to reuse with attribution. Colleagues can discuss your work online, creating a dialogue with you that supports better spine care.
  • Variety: Options to submit include original basic science/translational research, systematic reviews, case reports, clinical studies and trials. Other article types you can contribute: critiques of classic articles, highlights of legends, and reviews of notable evolutions in the field of spine care.
As an author, you can make an impact and influence spine science by publishing open access in NASSJ.

We invite you to submit your next manuscript to NASSJ.