NASS Insider

October 06, 2020

Read the North American Spine Society Open Access Journal (NASSJ) Online

The North American Spine Society Open Access Journal (NASSJ) is an open access companion title to the society's scientific publication, The Spine Journal. NASSJ has been established as an international open access journal that publishes research, case reports, critical reviews, editorials, and exchanges related to spine surgery and spine care.

The NASSJ mission is to promote knowledge and advance spine care. The journal aims to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge about clinical care, research, and education more effectively and efficiently by leveraging the open access platform and electronic media interfaces.

NASSJ is online and ready for you to read for free. With the launch of the first issue, we are proud to provide authors with a new NASS community outlet with the aim of contributing to the continuing education of spine care providers.

Benefits of submitting your next spine article to NASSJ:
  • NASSJ is the official open access journal of the North American Spine Society, the largest multidisciplinary society dedicated to fostering evidence-based spine care.
  • Led by Jonathan N. Grauer, MD, our editorial board includes the most recognized spine experts globally, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to your submission.
  • You will receive rapid feedback, ensuring a fast decision on your submission. The Journal’s average submission to first decision time is two weeks.
  • With our focus on highly relevant spine research, articles often receive online attention through NASS communications to members, on Twitter and through the media.
Check out the guide for authors to learn more and consider submitting your next manuscript to NASSJ.