NASS Insider

June 28, 2022

Spine Docs Participate in Virtual Advocacy Day

On June 8, NASS members participated in a virtual advocacy day with 14 members of Congress. The Alliance of Specialty Medicine hosted a virtual, legislative “fly-in” in which several members of the US House and Senate met with and took questions NASS members and other specialty physicians from all around the country on issues ranging from: Physician Reimbursement, Prior Authorization, Workforce/Graduate Medical Education, and Medical Liability Reform.

During the daylong event, Advocacy and Health Policy leaders Drs. Karin Swartz, Claude Borowski, Brian Gantwerker, and others, met with a bipartisan, bicameral board of physician-Congressmembers and other key legislators in the development of health care policy.

The Alliance of Specialty Medicine is a coalition of national medical societies representing specialty physicians in the United States. This non-partisan group is dedicated to the development of sound federal health care policy that fosters patient access to the highest quality specialty care. The 15 physician organizations that make up the Alliance of Specialty Medicine collectively represents over 100,000 specialty physicians across the United States.

For more information on the Alliance of Specialty Medicine or the physician groups it represents, please go to SpecialtyDocs.Org.