NASS Insider

March 21, 2023

The NASS Backbone: Section Chair Edition - Zorica Buser, PhD, MBA

Welcome again to The NASS Backbone, the series bringing our NASS volunteers to the forefront. NASS has a multitude of committees, sections, workgroups, and task forces working hard to bring the best spine education, research, and advocacy directly to you. But who are these volunteers, and why do they do what they do? This series highlights various volunteers from all areas of NASS, showcasing their experiences both within and outside of NASS.

In this edition, we talk to Zorica Buser, PhD, MBA, Co-Chair of the Section on Biologics & Basic Research and the new Section on Innovative Spine Research and Novel Technologies.

Zorica Buser, PhD, MBA
Zorica Buser, PhD, MBA
NASS: Tell us a bit about yourself ...
Dr. Buser: My name is Zori Buser, I am a Director of Research and Director of Regenerative Medicine (Spine Restoration) at Gerling Institute and a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at NYU. I am a co-chair of Section on Innovative Spine Research and Novel Technologies and Section on Biologics and Basic Research, and a vice-chair of Research Funding Committee since last year. I have been a NASS member for many years. On a personal note, I have a 14-year-old daughter who is interested in biomedical engineering and my husband is in the imaging start-up space. Our free time is spent playing cards and board games, trying to motivate our golden retriever to go for a walk and doing fun trips together.

NASS: What has been your favorite part about being part of this Section? What interested you in joining in the first place?
Dr. Buser: The favorite part is collaborating with an amazing group of individuals with different backgrounds in spine field. The Section on Biologics and Basic Research is critical in shaping future advancements in spine treatments.
NASS: In your opinion, how does this Section further NASS' mission to provide multidisciplinary evidence-based healthcare to members?
Dr. Buser: Within our Section on Biologics we have a truly multi-disciplinary team of experts which allows us to create educational activities that cover the whole continuum of spine care from a biologic perspective. I love our committee discussions, they are full of different ideas and suggestions and often will include reaching out to other committees or sections.

NASS: What projects are you excited about? How are they of benefit to NASS members and spine professionals?
Dr. Buser: I am super excited about our new Section - Innovative Spine Research and Novel Technologies that will be going live later this year. It will allow our society to bring key stakeholders in the field to provide highest level of evidence and allow us to form collaborations to further optimize new technologies.

NASS: Are there any recent webinars, podcasts or courses you'd like to direct members to listen/watch/attend? What makes them unique?
Dr. Buser: Within the Section on Biologics and Basic Research we just finished a series of podcasts focusing on disc degeneration and regeneration, current evidence and biologic treatments. It provides everything we need to know on today’s treatment challenges and highlights some of the directions for improving current state of disc restoration.