NASS Insider

May 03, 2022

NASS and AMCICO Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement!

Did you know that Mexico represents the second biggest NASS member community of spine care professionals living outside the USA? Only Brazil is bigger, but for how much longer?

This multi-professional “Mexican” community is now served by the NASS International (NASSi) team, so be prepared for exciting new programs and activities designed to support your continuing professional development and your career.

You may have seen we have launched our new newsletter - NASSi Connect, which will keep you updated with what’s going on in our global community. If you didn’t get it or see it, please contact to get you on the list! You really don’t want to miss out!

Well now I would like to share some big news specifically for our Mexican NASS members!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that on Monday, March 14, Dr. Edward J Dohring (President NASS) and Dr. Eulalio Elizalde (President Asociación Mexicana de Cirujanos de Columna (AMCICO)) signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement between the two organizations. Unfortunately, the signing ceremony was virtual; however, we plan to re-stage it in September at the XXII AMCICO Annual Meeting so we can publish the pictures!

This agreement will provide the foundation for these two societies to start co-creating and co-executing a range of exciting new value-generating programs for AMCICO members and NASSi members domiciled in Mexico.

To get this cooperation going, the first thing NASSi will be doing is creating the NASSi Mexico Chapter. This is an informal multi-professional community of Mexican NASS members. It will be this community that will engage with the AMCICO (and other Mexican academic societies) to design activities that are most relevant to our Mexican members.

So please be prepared to get engaged with the NASSi Mexico Chapter and help us to bring NASS closer to you!

We have big plans for Mexico, and our strategic agreement with the Mexican Spine Society is just the start that will bring new NASSi engagement and career opportunities for you.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from the NASSi team so stay tuned and be ready to get involved!

Best regards,

Patrick Hsieh, MD
Chairperson International Council
Norman Chutkan, MD
Chairperson International Member Commission

PS Be a friend, share the future and tell your colleagues about NASS International!