NASS Insider

NASS Insider

March 02, 2021

Call for International Communities Task Force Volunteers

The NASS International Council recently approved the development of an International Communities task force, which is now seeking new members.

The task force is charged with developing and evaluating a viable concept and an operational plan for the creation of online NASS International Communities.

This task force will:
  • Define the objectives and strategies for the NASSi Communities program
  • Demarcate the NASSi Communities structure and metrics
  • Brief the NASS IT/Marketing Teams on technology functionality requirements
  • Build the list of premium membership Communities (life-cycle management)
  • Outline process flows and execution of Communities
  • Liaise and align with Member Benefits & Promotion Working Groups
If you have experience with social media and are interested in applying to this special solicitation, please complete the application form
here by March 5, 2021.

You will be required to enter your NASS ID number in order to match your demographics (membership category, specialty, etc.) with responses.

For more information, please contact Rachel Wasson at [email protected]