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July 12, 2022

NASSi - Greetings from the Emirates!

Arab Spine
As part of NASS’ commitment to Advancing Global Spine Care, NASSi was proud to attend this year’s ArabSpine Diploma Course and Dubai International Spine Conference (DISC) in Dubai, UAE.

David Wong (NASS Past President, Program Chair and IEC member) again led an intrepid team of NASSi Faculty over to Dubai to engage with surgeons from across the Middle East, Africa and Indian sub-Continent.

NASSi was represented by Drs. Steven Theiss (USA-Practical Chair and IEC member), Sandeep Gidvani (USA-IMC member), Paul Gause (USA), Michael Grevitt (UK - IEC member), Antonio Raco (IT) and David O’Brien (USA - IC and ExCom member).

The team was supported by Dr. Richard Assaker (FR- IEC member), who attended the meeting as Chairperson ArabSpine Education Committee.

IEC = NASS International Education Commission, IMC = NASS International Member Commission, IC = International Council, ExCom = NASS Executive Committee

It’s hard to believe that less than 30 years ago, Dubai was just a desert. Now it’s one of the greatest cities in the world, and the location of the annual ArabSpine events!

ArabSpine Diploma Course (May 15 - 17 2022)

The May session of the ArabSpine Diploma Course consisted of Module 1: Basic Science and Degenerative Lumbar and Module 4: Deformity, Complications, and Malformations. Both modules had hands-on cadaver workshops to enable the 90 participants to hone their practical skills.

Each module included a day and a half of lectures at the Dubai Neuro Spinal Hospital, while the half-day practical labs were at the Gulf Medical University.
Diploma Course

ArabSpine Dubai International Spine Conference (May 18 - 20 2022)

The NASSi Faculty then joined the other 40 Faculty and the 250 delegates for the 21st ArabSpine DISC held at the Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE. The DISC delivered a very comprehensive program including sessions on: (1) Ethics and Education, (2) Cervical Myelopathy, (3) Degenerative Spine Disease, (4) Innovation and Technology, (5) Aging Spine, (6) Deformity, (7) Trauma and (8) Spinal Tumors.
Diploma Course