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July 12, 2022

Expert NASS Faculty to Lead Comprehensive Hands-On Cervical Spine Surgery Course in St. Louis

This comprehensive hands-on course in cervical spine surgery emphasizes diagnosis and operative treatment of cervical spine disorders, including decompression and stabilization techniques for both anterior and posterior approaches, and the use of cervical arthroplasty and minimally invasive techniques.

Expert faculty will provide a blend of didactic lectures, demonstrations, panel discussions and hands-on cadaver skills lab time, working with you in an interactive learning environment.


  • Anterior Cervical Approach to C2-4 & C7-T3
  • C5P: 1 Slide Review: When to Intervene – Foraminotomy Technique
  • Treatments of Cervical Metastasis
  • Interbody Implants for Fusion: Best Evidence
  • Cervical Arthroplasty: Indications vs. Fusion – Results, Currently Available Products
  • Case Presentations: Interactive Discussion of Complex Anterior Cervical Cases
  • C1 Screw Placement, C1-2 Joint Access: Reduction and Fusion Options
  • Cervical Pedicle and Lateral Mass Screw Fixation
  • Laminoplasty
  • Lateral Mass, Pedicle Fixation
  • Cervical Deformity: Evaluation and Technique Rationale
  • Anterior Subaxial Cervical Osteotomies
  • Posterior Osteotomies
  • Case Presentations: Interactive Discussion of Complex Posterior Cervical Cases


  • Anterior - ACDF, Foraminotomy, Uncinate Resection, Exposure of the Vertebral Artery, Dissection of Hypoglossal, Glossopharyngeal, Recurrent Laryngeal, Superior Laryngeal Nerves, Digastric Muscle, Cricothyroidotomy, Transoral Resection, Fusion, Arthroplasty
  • C-Arm Rotation - Odontoid Fixation
  • Posterior Procedures - Dural Repair, Laminoplasty, Foraminotomy, C1 Lateral Mass, C2 Fixation, C3-7 Lateral Mass Screws, C7-T3 Pedicle Screws
  • C-Arm Rotation - C1-2 Fusions/ Segmental Fixation Techniques/ Transarticular Fixation


  • Thomas S. Mroz, MD
  • Jeffrey C. Wang, MD


  • Rahul Basho, MD
  • Rick C. Casso, MD
  • Alan S. Hilibrand, MD
  • Patrick C. Hsieh, MD
  • John C. Liu, MD
  • John M. Rhee, MD
  • Daniel M. Sciubba, MD
  • Neil M. Wright, MD
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