NASS Insider

September 08, 2020

Three NASS Volunteer Groups with Open Seats Hold Special Solicitation

The North American Spine Society (NASS) Board of Directors recently created several new committees and sections, some of which are now seeking a limited number of new members outside of the 2021-2024 appointment cycle (to view a list of all committees, sections and task forces and apply under this regular cycle click here). If you're interested in applying for one or more of the following groups through this special solicitation, please complete an application form on or before September 13, 2020 (appointments to begin following the NASS Annual Meeting Virtual Experience, October 6-9, 2020).

Groups seeking new members prior to the 2021 appointment cycle:
  • Online Content Committee (2-5 seats available): This newly developed group oversees the Online Education arm of NASS through the development and implementation of Online Courses, Webinars, Micro CME and Podcasts. It continuously monitors, identifies and recommends topics, key opinion leaders and ultimately drives creation and promotion of online content. Learn more.
  • Section on Surgical Engineering (2-5 seats available): This newly developed section will provide a multidisciplinary team approach toward spine surgery, innovation and clinical value by bringing together various disciplines within NASS and beyond to provide education and expertise related to spinal innovations. The team is seeking expertise from disciplines including engineers (biomechanical, electrical, mechanical), scientists, clinicians, surgeons, regulatory, and business to provide resources and education necessary to education on new technologies and their clinical implementation and outcomes.
  • Website and Digital Communications Committee (2-4 seats available): This group provides member guidance on all forms of digital information to and for NASS members and patients. The goal of the committee is to improve availability and use of NASS digital information using multiple mechanisms including mobile technology. They are currently working on the website with a focus on improving organization and delivery of high yield and vetted content to capture a greater audience. Learn more.