NASS Insider

January 05, 2021

Volunteer Opportunities with NASS in 2021

NASS members interested in becoming more involved with the Society are encouraged to apply for open committee, section, editorial board, task force and other related positions for the 2021-2024 term. Participation as a volunteer provides members with valuable experience to advance their careers and influence the future of the Society and spine care.

The online NASS volunteer application is available year-round. Appointments will be made in Summer 2021 for three-year terms beginning at the NASS Annual Meeting in Boston, MA, September 29 – October 2, 2021. Interested members should:
  1. Review each group’s page for information about responsibilities, recent activities, current members, and work and time commitments required to participate at
  2. Ensure that their membership is in good standing for 2021 and they have a current disclosure (updated May 1, 2020 or later) on file with NASS.
  3. Apply online for up to 3 groups, providing an explanation of experience related specifically to those groups by March 31, 2021.
  4. If the groups(s) applied for have additional requirements (see their individual pages at, complete these no later than March 31, 2021.
For any questions regarding committees, or the application process, please contact NASS by sending an email to [email protected]