NASS Insider

April 19, 2022

NASSi Update: Great Memories and a Great Start in Spain

NASSi-Spain NASS International (NASSi) is in discussions with the Sociedad Española Columna Vertebral (GEER – Spanish Spine Society) to sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement, which aims to formalize a collaboration between the two societies to co-build and co-implement relevant programs for GEER and NASSi members living in Spain.

Such partnership agreements with national academic societies is part of NASSi’s strategy for Advancing Global Spine Care – we plan to be seen and to act locally.

NASSi faculty joined colleagues from GEER and SILACO (Sociedad Iberolatinoamericano de Columna – Latin American Spine Society) in Seville, Spain (April 1-2 2022) to take part in a Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Pathology course.

This was a great pilot event to highlight the future opportunities of the NASSi – GEER Partnership.

NASSi was represented by Drs: Patrick Hsieh (Chairperson International Council), Charlie Reitman (Chairperson International Education Commission), JJ Abitbol (Chairperson International Ambassadors Forum), and John Finkenberg (NASS President Elect). The US team was ably supported by “our man in Gran Canaria” Dr Hani Mhaidli – although Hani probably needs to brush up on his train scheduling skills!

NASSi-Spain Over 140 surgeons from Spain, Portugal, and a number of countries in Latin America descended on the beautiful city of Seville in Southern Spain to participate in the course.

Seville is one of Europe's oldest cities, founded as early as the 8th century BC. The city is famous worldwide for its culture, monuments, traditions and artistic heritage; and of course, the cuisine! Seville is a city full of life and possibilities, it is also the birthplace of Flamenco and the city where the most amazing Easter processions take place.

The serious end of the visit was the full two-day program on Degenerative Lumbar Disease. GEER had organized simultaneous translation of the working sessions to improve the comprehension and enjoyment for both participants and faculty.

The enthusiasm for the subject matter was marked by the full attendance of all sessions!

As well as the surgeon-led sessions, three corporate sponsors (Medtronic, DePuy Synthes and Max Moore) performed lunchtime ICLs.

The NASSi faculty certainly added to the quality of the meeting, bringing at times diametrically opposite treatment approaches compared to their European and Latin American counterparts. These different viewpoints were critical for the exchanging ideas and uncovering of new and best practices.

NASSi-Spain However, the highlights of the trip was definitely the alignment with Dr Teresa Bas regarding next steps in developing the Strategic Partnership and the NASSi-GEER co-branded seminar: Lateral Access Spine Surgery – getting the best from Oblique vs Transpsoas Lateral.

Lecturing is one thing, but case discussions, that’s when faculty and participants truly enjoy themselves.

There is something truly special when faculty and participants have time to explore and discuss the challenges and pitfalls of cases. Both parties actually learn from such discussions, because new learnings and new ways of treatment are uncovered.

Case discussions are a perfect way to discuss “clinical reasoning” which is a critical (Know How) competency. Participants and also Faculty learn most when they have the opportunity to truly engage, exchange and discuss different points of view when dealing with a specific case.