NASS Insider

April 18, 2023

Sneak a Peek at the Next SpineLine

Start checking your mailboxes and mobile app! In the upcoming issue of SpineLine, you’ll find relevant clinical content, basivertebral nerve ablation coding information, and updates from the society.

The March/April Issue features clinical content that will benefit all NASS members. It begins with not one but two invited reviews that explore the way we classify research and how surgeons can optimize patient outcomes. “Is it Time to Rethink the Definition of High-Grade Clinical Evidence in Spine Surgery” from Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski and colleagues delves into evidence classifications in spine care research, the limiting effects of those classifications, and potential solutions to mitigate those effects. In the second review article, “Preoperative Optimization in Spine Surgery,” Kasliwal et al look at modifiable risk factors (eg, weight management, psychosocial factors) and strategies to optimize patients preoperatively to improve surgical outcomes. This issue’s literature review offers commentary on an evaluation of a bibliometric measure developed by the NIH.

In society updates, Past President Edward Dohring, MD announces the launch and impressive early progress of NASS’ newly formed Early Career Advisory Council. You’ll also find a preview of this year’s Annual Meeting in Los Angeles and a recap of NASSi’s recent collaboration with ArabSpine.

Watch the next NASS Insider when we share NASS President John Finkenberg’s latest President’s Message!