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November 22, 2022

NASSi Collaboration with Latin America

Latin America


NASS´ commitment to disseminating spine knowledge to medical and spine specialists worldwide was evident at the Association of Iberian and Latin American Spine Societies (SILACO) and the Spine Committee SEOT of the Ecuadorian Orthopedic Society.

NASSi was present at the 48th SEOT Annual Congress held on October 7, 2022, in Quito, Ecuador. NASSi was represented by Drs. Eeric Truumees, Jean-Jacques Abitbol, Patrick C. Hsieh and Norman Chutkan. There were over 150 registrants from Ecuador and other Latin American countries.
Latin America
The course addressed current concepts in the management and treatment of spine pathology, including trauma, malignancy, infection, deformity and degenerative diseases. The conference included great case presentations and engaging discussions with the registrants and moderators.

Attendants' feedback was extremely positive, with more than 92% highly satisfied with the course and would recommend the course to others. Finally, I want to extend my special thanks to all NASS speakers and recognition to the NASS International Council Director, Dr. Patrick C. Hsieh, for his support of this meeting and the magnificent job organizing the program. I believe the course will soon become a reference point for further editions of high-caliber academic spine meetings for all of Latin America.
Hani Mhaidli, MD, PhD
Past President of SILACO Association of Iberian and Latin American Spine Societies