NASS Insider

July 12, 2022

NASSi and the Brazilian Spine Society Organize First Pre-course as Strategic Partners

NASSi and the Brazilian Spine Society (BSS) jointly organized a pre-course at the 18th Brazilian Spine Society Congress in Fortaleza, Brazil on May 11, 2022. The course entitled “Lateral Access Spine Surgery – getting the best from Oblique vs Transpsoas Lateral”, was chaired by Dr John Liu (Los Angeles, USA), and included Edward J. Dohring and Cristiano Menezes, the Presidents of NASS and BSS respectively, together with other lateral expert faculty from both societies.

NASSi presented the topic of Lateral Access Spine Surgery because of its rising popularity and the growing body of evidence that shows the value and positive outcomes of this approach in the surgical management of Degenerative Lumbar Disorders and new applications related to Spinal Deformities. The exciting introduction and efficiency gains of Prone Lateral and Single Position Surgery further reinforces the growing interest for the Lateral Approach Surgery.

NASSi is committed to the quality education and democratization of new and proven surgical techniques across the globe. Together with our academic society partners e.g., Brazilian Spine Society, we aim to present a range of topical events as pre-courses at our partners’ annual congresses.

John C. Liu, MD