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September 06, 2022

NASS Podcasts: Check Out the Latest Podcasts Addressing the Hottest Topics in Spine Care

NASS Podcast
NASS Podcasts offer a convenient on-the-go way to keep up with the latest hot topics presented by experts in spine. The podcasts are available on all major platforms. Below is a list of the most recent topics. All NASS Podcasts can be accessed by clicking here.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is the Problem – Persistent Spinal Pain Syndrome is the Solution

Joining the SpineLine podcast from Cardiff, England, author Brian Simpson, MD, FRCS discusses Persistent Spinal Pain Syndrome with moderator Tejas Shah, MD.
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Pain of IVD Origin: Why Does It Hurt and From Where?

Section on Biologics & Basic Research members, Zorica Buser, PhD, MBA and W. Mark Erwin, DC, PhD discuss whether or not there is any evidence that can address differences in the pain experience of patients living with DDD vs normal ‘ageing’. Is it disc or is it endplates? If it is disc, annulus, nucleus, or both?
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Pain Medicines: To Prescribe or Not to Prescribe?

Moderator Renee Rosati, DO chats with interventional spine physician Brad Goodman, MD about when and when not to prescribe pain medications.
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The Physician Template

Jaymin Patel, MD, an interventional spine physician, talks with moderator Renee Rosati, DO about "The Physician Template."
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Patterns of Concomitant Injury in Thoracic Spine Fractures

Authors Michael Stauff, MD and Ben Mitchell, MD of the University of Massachusetts discuss their paper "Patterns of concomitant injury in thoracic spine fractures" with NASSJ editor in chief Jonathan Grauer, MD.
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Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Trauma Classification Systems Fail to Predict Post-Traumatic Kyphotic Deformity

Dr. Julia Crim, a Radiologist at the University of Missouri, discusses her article, "Thoracic and lumbar spine trauma classification systems fail to predict post-traumatic kyphotic deformity" with NASSJ Deputy Editor Tobias Mattei, MD.
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Does Conflict of Interest Affect the Reported Fusion Rates of Bone Graft Substitutes & Extenders?

NASSJ Editor in Chief Jonathan Grauer, MD discusses the paper "Does conflict of interest affect the reported fusion rates of bone graft substitutes and extenders?" with authors Yu-Po Lee, MD and Joshua Lee.
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The Language of All Medical Publications & Spine Publications from 1950-2020

NASSJ deputy editor Tobias Mattei, MD chats with Comron Saifi, MD about his paper, "The language of all medical publications and spine publications from 1950 to 2020."
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