NASS Insider

June 30, 2020

Influence the Future of Spine Care – 2 Ways to Participate

All members of the North American Spine Society (NASS) can influence the future of the field through involvement. There are many ways to get involved including abstract submission to meetings, becoming a TSJ  or NASSJ  peer-reviewer, or applying for committees.

Additionally, members can contribute by ensuring colleagues have access to resources and connections that encourage a collaborative, comprehensive approach to spine care...resources and connections that can be obtained through membership with NASS.
  • Free In-training Membership for individuals in spine-related programs: In the coming or recent weeks, new fellows and residents will be entering spine-related programs. NASS members affiliated with these programs are encouraged let these new, as well as current, trainees know about In-training membership with NASS...a complimentary resource throughout their training.

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  • Earn 20% Off Your Dues and give your colleagues 20% off when they join: NASS recently introduced our 20/20 Member Referral Program that awards you 20% off your membership dues for every eligible colleague who joins NASS using your personalized referral link...that means if you refer 5 eligible members, you'll get a free year of membership! And the colleagues you refer also receive 20% off their first year of membership.

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