NASS Insider

October 26, 2021

FINAL DEADLINE: Last Chance to Complete Your Evaluation for 2021 NASS Committee Participation-Deadline October 31st

If you participated in one or more NASS Committee/ Section/ Taskforce/Commission that is listed below* please fill out your 2021 evaluation. The NASS Board of Directors has instituted a Committee Evaluation and Improvement Program (CEIP) to identify and support Committee Members and Chairs who contributed either above or below expectations. The Board asks that Committee Members and Chairs complete a brief evaluation of your Committee(s) and Chair(s) who meet this criterion.

Be sure to include a meaningful comment that supports whether this person has contributed either above or below expectations.
Please log into to complete evaluations (found under the Committee & Groups section of the My Account page) for Committee(s) that are requesting feedback.* Please Note: If you are viewing the page on your mobile phone, you will need to scroll down to see your Scorecard(s) and/or Chair Evaluation(s).

Deadline to complete the evaluations is: October 31, 2021.

List of Participating* NASS Committees/ Sections/ Taskforces/Commissions in 2021:

  1. Advocacy Council
  2. Audit Committee
  3. Clinical Practice Guideline Committee
  4. Coding Committee
  5. Committee on Ethics & Professionalism
  6. Conflict of Interest Review Panel
  7. Continuing Medical Education Committee
  8. Coverage Committee
  9. Diversity Task Force
  10. Evidence-Based Medicine Committee
  11. Exercise Committee
  12. Governance Committee
  13. International Council
  14. International Education Commission
  15. International Members Commission
  16. Investment Committee
  17. Legislative Committee
  18. Membership Committee
  19. Outcomes Compendium Task Force
  20. Patient Education Committee
  21. Patient Safety Committee
  22. Payor Policy Review Committee
  23. Political Engagement Committee
  24. Professional Conduct & Ethics Committee
  25. Public Affairs Committee
  26. Research Funding Committee
  27. Resident & Fellow Education Committee
  28. Section on Biologics & Basic Research
  29. Section on Interdisciplinary Spine
  30. Section on Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring
  31. Section on Minimally Invasive Procedures
  32. Section on Radiology
  33. Section on RIMS (Rehab, Interventional & Medical Spine)
  34. Section on Robotics & Navigation
  35. Section on Spinal Cord Injury
  36. Section on Spinal Deformity
  37. Section on Spine Oncology
  38. SpineLine Editorial Board
  39. SpinePAC Advisory Committee
  40. Website and Digital Platform Committee