NASS Insider

May 02, 2023

NASS President Explores Innovation in Latest SpineLine

In John Finkenberg’s most recent “From the Desk of the President” message in the March/April issue of SpineLine, he draws inspiration from the advice of a mentor who said that orthopedic innovation and human design should mimic evolutionary and biologic development. Specifically, he notes, that if a biological product’s design concept moves too far from nature’s design, that design’s concept should be reevaluated.

Dr. Finkenberg delves into the existing technologies of total disc replacements and the near-future possibilities of tissue-engineered composite intervertebral disc implants to emphasize his point that mimicking evolutionary biology while accounting for age-specific requirements can be beneficial for alignment, range of motion, function and pain.

Read Dr. Finkenberg’s entire message and the entire March/April issue of SpineLine here!