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April 05, 2016

Spine Summit Aims to Help Millions Who Suffer From Spine-Related Disability

The North American Spine Foundation (subsidiary of NASS) will convene for the 2nd Annual Spine 10 x 25 Summit on July 15 near Chicago to memorialize the creation of a national coalition to lead the charge for the Spine 10 x 25 Initiative. The aim of this multidisciplinary initiative is a 10% reduction in US spine-related disability by the year 2025. The purpose of this summit is to introduce the prestigious 50-member coalition and discuss the latest technologies that the coalition will be considering as they develop the tactics to achieve the objectives of the Spine 10 x 25 Initiative.

“Our inaugural Spine 10 x 25 Summit last year exceeded our expectations. We accommodated over 200 attendees from 25 countries. After that summit, we requested applications from spine and disability leaders from around the United States to join the Spine 10 x 25 Coalition. We had hoped for 20 volunteers; however, we received 50 high quality submissions from renowned medical and non-medical experts. It was just remarkable to see how much this cause was resonating throughout the US,” said Michael L. Reed, executive director of the Spine Foundation.

"Because every applicant was well qualified and eager to help, we accepted all of them and created two teams: The Tactical and Communications Teams. They have accepted the challenge of crafting solutions to one of our nation’s most costly and critical public health issues—spine-related disability,” Dr. Reed continued. “Together, we will create the public awareness and implement the strategies and tactics required to significantly reduce the personal suffering and societal impact of spine-related disability within the next decade.”

Even a relatively minor reduction in spine-related disability can add up to major gains for individuals and society. Aside from the unnecessary and devastating impact of spinal impairment on patients and their families, indirectly, and increasing every day, U.S. society sacrifices a substantial amount of money supporting patients with spine problems:

  • The annual financial impact of spinal disorders is now estimated to be over $600 billion, including direct care, disability support, employer costs, and the financial losses of patients and their families.

  • 30% of employees will develop a disability in their lifetime, making them 71% more likely to reach the poverty level due to unemployment and financial loss.

  • The 2nd Annual Spine 10 x 25 Summit is open to all including medical professionals and nonmedical stakeholders such as patients, HR executives, disability insurance representatives, third-party payers and others. Participation via online streaming is available; contact for details.

    “There is no question that we can achieve this relatively modest reduction in spine disability if we have thoughtful and passionate people at the table from the very beginning,” said Dr. Reed. “Finland observed an amazing 47% reduction in spine-related disability in males and a 39% decrease in females between 1990 and 2010. Just imagine a 10% decrease in US spine-related disability, the socioeconomic impact would be staggering. It would be regarded as one of ther greatest public health achievements in our country’s history. And, it would leave a proud and important legacy for future generations to come.”

    Join the leadership team that will help achieve a 10% reduction in US spine disability by the Year 2025. The faculty for this event include some of the world’s most respected thought leaders on pain, disability, spine, employment, research and legislation.

    The Spine Foundation promotes the virtues and benefits of an integrative and collaborative system of care including diagnostic, surgical, nonsurgical, perioperative and preventive measures to achieve an efficient restoration of function. The Spine Foundation will take the lead as the bridge-builder between all shareholder groups, laying a foundation of understanding, cooperation and a common goal of efficiently preventing disability and restoring function, preventing individual financial loss, as well as preserving public resources and economic growth. For further information or to contribute to the Spine Foundation, visit or call (630) 230-3688.

    2nd Annual Spine 10 x 25 Summit
    Friday, July 15, 2016
    Spine Education & Research Center
    7075 Veterans Boulevard
    Burr Ridge, IL

    REGISTER EARLY as onsite and online streaming space is limited.


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