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June 01, 2016

Refer Trainees to NASS' Free In-Training Membership

This summer, residencies and fellowships across the United States will welcome new trainees to their programs who will shape the future of health care. NASS is committed to providing trainees the tools needed during their education and in their future transition from training to practice. NASS offers a complimentary In-Training membership category for residents, fellows, PhD candidates, allied health students, and other individuals in spine-related programs to receive many of the benefits of membership throughout their training.

In-Training members can take advantage of travel scholarships and tailored educational tracts at the NASS Annual Meeting, networking opportunities developed specifically for trainees, and access to the NASS Career Center to find full-time positions following their training. Additionally, these individuals will receive important staple benefits of NASS membership including online subscriptions to The Spine Journal and SpineLine, access to SpineConnect discussions, discounts on educational opportunities and updates on issues relevant to the field.

All NASS members affiliated with spine-related programs are encouraged to provide trainees with information about In-Training membership with NASS. By introducing these individuals to NASS membership, you are helping to begin their affiliation with an organization dedicated to representing them throughout their careers.

To apply for In-Training membership, residents, fellows and other trainees can apply online and send a copy of their CV to NASS via email to Questions about this or other NASS membership categories can be directed to the NASS membership department by sending an email to or by calling 866-960-6277 or 630-230-3600.


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