NASS Insider

September 19, 2023

Have you checked out NASS’ New Online Faculty Development Course? Here’s a preview of Module 1: Principles of Adult Learning

Last month, NASS launched a cutting-edge, fully immersive online course titled, Strategies to Become an Effective Facilitator of Learning. This course is crafted to empower aspiring faculty members with the crucial expertise and abilities required to excel as educators not only during NASS meetings and courses, but also in broader educational contexts. The course is comprised of 7 engaging modules, each encompassing video presentations on pivotal teaching and learning subjects.

In Module 1: Principles of Adult Learning, participants will gain an understanding of the principles of adult learning, including differentiating between working and long-term memory, defining the learning cycle and pathway, identifying techniques that enhance learner retention, and developing effective plans and structures for learning sessions. The module is presented by Raymond Hah, MD, orthopedic surgeon from California.