NASS Insider

September 19, 2023

NASS Education On-Demand – The Latest Online Courses to Learn at Your Leisure

NASS offers members a wide range of online courses to earn CME on your own schedule at your own pace. Check out the latest course led by expert faculty who will guide you through the hottest topics and latest information in spine.

NASS Faculty Development Program
Through a series of interactive modules, prospective faculty members will gain essential knowledge and skills needed to become effective teachers at NASS meetings, courses and beyond. Learn More.

Read One, Write One, Review One
This course will provide an overview of reading and reviewing manuscripts of various study designs, along with discussion on ideal techniques for designing these studies with the goal of publishing a manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal. Learn More.

Evidence-Based Medicine Training Program
Develop your skills in critically analyzing study methodologies and assigning levels of evidence to studies based upon how the studies are being utilized to answer a specific clinical question. Learn More.

Psycholoigically Informed Practice
10 modules led by expert faculty who thoroughly address PiP and its implementation. The course will flexibly meet the interest of spine professionals who are increasingly engaged in health-systems design and value-based reimbursement strategies. Learn More.

Spine Education Series
9 stand-alone comprehensive self-directed learning modules addressing a wide range of spine and scientific topics presented by experts in their fields. Learn More.

Biologic Interventions for Spinal Pathologies: Stem Cells, Growth Factors, and Novel Therapeutics
Experts from academia and industry will discuss the pertinent technologies and relevant issues in biologics use for spinal conditions. Learn More.