NASS Insider

February 13, 2024

Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Coverage Recommendations

The North American Spine Society (NASS) is pleased to announce publication of the recently revised Coverage Recommendations on Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement. NASS continues to develop and update Coverage Recommendations for various spine care procedures, treatments and diagnostics (30+ topics available as of now).

Drs. Heidi Hullinger and William Tontz, along with NASS’ multidisciplinary and evidence-based medicine trained team of spine specialists, spent a significant amount of time reviewing the evidence and developing this valuable resource.

The current evidence demonstrates that cervical disc arthroplasties provide improved function and outcome in patients with cervical radiculopathy, myelopathy or myeloradiculopathy, either as a 1- or 2-level procedure or as part of a hybrid construct. More detailed indications/contraindications are further delineated in the full coverage document. 

Please click here to access your copy of the Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Coverage Recommendations.

These coverage documents continue to be utilized by government agencies, third-party payors, utilization management groups, spine care providers and patients across the nation. NASS hopes these coverage recommendations continue to help provide access to appropriate spine care for all patients affected by spine problems and their sequelae.

NASS thanks Dr. Hullinger, Dr. Tontz and the entire Coverage Committee for their continued efforts and dedication!