NASS Insider

September 05, 2023

NASS Launches Annual Research Fund Campaign to Help Shape the Future of Spine Care!

The Annual Research Fund provides funding for research grants and fellowships selected each year by the NASS Research Funding Committee based upon their scientific merit. NASS supports basic, clinical and translational science, as well as research on innovative nontraditional, nonsurgical treatment methodologies, performed with integrity. The goal is to improve quality spine care for patients and understanding of underlying disorders. NASS achieves these goals through funding grants and fellowships.

Since 1989, NASS has funded more than $4.6 million in spine-related research projects internationally. In 2022 alone, NASS awarded over $167,000 in research grants to both established and promising young investigators—the most NASS has funded in research annually in nearly a decade. One hundred percent of contributions go directly to funding research, including all individual, corporate, and Orthopedic Research Endowment Fund (OREF) donations. To learn more about the vital research NASS has funded, visit

"The spine field is exhibiting tremendous growth and evidence-based research is needed more than ever," stated Zorica Buser, PhD, MBA, who is Vice-Chair of the NASS Research Funding Committee. "NASS Research Funding Programs are the foundation of innovation and to continue the cutting-edge research we need your help."

Invest in the future of spine care! Seize this opportunity to support innovative research that advances the future of our field by making your donation today. Your contribution ensures greater funding will be available to the increasing number of researchers with promising ideas that could impact the future of spine care globally. Your donation is completely tax deductible and NASS dedicates 100% of Annual Research Fund dollars collected directly to funding research projects.

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