NASS Insider

September 05, 2023

Women in Spine - Luncheon & Symposium at NASS 2023

At NASS 2023 attendees can participate in a special luncheon and symposium, Women in Spine, on Friday, October 20 from 12:00 PM -1:30 PM PDT. Moderated by Kathryn M. Jurenovich, DO, the symposium aims to develop a community all surgeons can be part of to learn why the number of women in spine is so low and how we can change current ideals to promote and encourage women going into spine surgery. Attendees will gain strategies to identify the negative aspects women have faced during their training to become a spine surgeon, identify strategies to change these negative aspects, increase mentorship opportunities, and empower and accept women in spine surgery.

Agenda Topics:

Kathryn M. Jurenovich, DO; Hania Shahzad, MD

Empowering Women in Spine
Betsy H. Grunch, MD

Women in Spine and Upcoming Research
Kathryn M. Jurenovich, MD

Wellness for Female Spine Surgeons
Kendra Morrison, DO

Panel Discussion for all Spine Surgeons and Residents on Mentorship and Growth for Women in Spine
Melissa Erickson, MD; Elizabeth L. Lord, MD; Theresa Pazionis, MD, FRCSC, MA; Emily Mills, MD; Taryn E. LeRoy, MD; Rivka C. Ihejirika-Lomedico, MD

There will also be a networking session for attendees to discuss and collaborate on the topics presented.

Learn more about this symposium and the meeting program at NASS 2023 by visiting