NASS Insider

November 14, 2023

NASS Board Re-Engineering to Meet Society’s Changing Needs

During the Board of Directors meeting at the 38th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, NASS’ Board voted to reduce its size to reflect changing organizational needs and better focus on the organization’s strategic priorities. “Although the Board will be gradually reducing in size, we remain committed to maintaining diversity, equity, and inclusion. The new structure will allow for more active discussion to serve NASS,” said NASS President, Zoher Ghogawala.

The Board of Directors last restructured in 2018. Executive Director, Eric Muehlbauer, MJ, CAE noted, “It’s healthy to review the organization’s needs every so often and adjust accordingly. The creators of the Board structure we adopted in 2018 could not imagine the historic changes we’ve all experienced over the last 5 years, so we felt it was a prudent time to look at our current needs and strategic priorities, and build from there.”

NASS anticipates revealing the revised structure before the close of 2023.