Disclosure & Industry Relationships

NASS is committed to the highest level of ethics for its members and has created an environment in which full disclosure is not only encouraged but mandatory for leadership and participation in NASS activities. The society recognizes that professional relationships with industry are essential for development of new spinal technologies and medical advancement.

Conflict of Interest Review Panel

Conflict of Interest Review Panel assists members and the Board of Directors to determine if a member has a Conflict of Interest (COI), and if so whether said COI would materially interfere with the proposed task or assignment of that member. In the event there is a complaint to the Professional Conduct & Ethics Committee (PCEC) regarding a COI, the COIRP serves in an advisory capacity to the PCEC. The COI review panel also plays a significant role in the vetting of nominees for the presidential line, Board of Directors, and committee chairs. COIRP also services membership by offering confidential guidance sought by self-referred members.


Relationships with industry are essential for development of new spinal technologies and medical advancement. These relationships do not in any way reflect negatively on the character of an individual or of industry. NASS is at the forefront of the field in ensuring that members are fully informed about medical professionalism and conflicts of interest. Members can utilize NASS’ Disclosure Module to provide information about professional relationships from the source rather a third party. Disclosures are able to be updated as often as needed and the module affords the ability to provide explanatory information.

The goal of NASS' COI – Disclosure & Management Policy is to establish uniform procedures for transparent disclosure of relationships so the possibility for confusion or misrepresentation is minimized. A member may develop financial involvements and/or other relationships with outside entities that constitute conflicts of interest. Members are expected to appropriately disclose these interests. The establishment of uniform disclosure requirements frees the individual from having to decide which relationships might influence his or her decision-making and which might be irrelevant. It is the intent of NASS through COIRP to resolve or manage such conflicts through the application of a set of operating principles, in a manner that balances the benefits accrued to the member from these arrangements and the risks to the organization and its members.

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Annual Index

The Board of Directors ruled in October 2011 to make disclosure information, in range format, available to the general public. The disclosure index includes any disclosure information that was provided to NASS after February 2012.

Disclosure Index

NASS Historical Events

Promoting the highest ethical standards for spine physicians in every aspect of the society has been something of a passion among NASS leadership since 2001, when Stanley A. Herring, MD chose Ethics as the centerpiece of his NASS presidency efforts.

T. Faciszewski, MD - 2007 NASS President
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