Conflict of Interest Review Panel

Conflict of Interest Review Panel assists members and the Board of Directors to determine if a member has a Conflict of Interest (COI), and if so whether said COI would materially interfere with the proposed task or assignment of that member. In the event there is a complaint to the Professional Conduct & Ethics Committee (PCEC) regarding a COI, the COIRP serves in an advisory capacity to the PCEC. The COI review panel also plays a significant role in the vetting of nominees for the presidential line, Board of Directors, and committee chairs. COIRP also services membership by offering confidential guidance sought by self-referred members.

Conflict of Interest—Disclosure & Management Policy

Adopted by NASS Board of Directors: January 13, 2006
Revised October 2008, February 2009, March 2012, January 2019 (reformatting), June 2021, March 2024

Policy on Conflict of Interest in Leadership Positions