Compliance (PCP)

NASS regards its members as men and women of high integrity and ethical standards, and expects them to act accordingly. It is incumbent upon the society to uphold the ethics policies we've so diligently set forth. Ideally, we hope to promote a culture of honor where self-regulation is the norm and the need for oversight correspondingly declines.​ ​ ​​

Compliance is Key

The NASS Professional Compliance Panel (PCP) is a key NASS component, charged with ensuring compliance with NASS ethics policies as well as any other rules or regulations incumbent upon a healthcare professional. The PCP proactively investigates as well as reviews reports of misconduct from members. NASS has many comprehensive ethics policies, the PCP is a discreet investigative body that checks or verifies compliance with disclosure and other significant rules, including but not limited to, compliance with COIRP recommendations on managing conflict.

Primary Goal

It is important to note that the primary goal of the PCP is not to take punitive action, rather to enforce ethics policies and provide ethical education to membership when applicable. In instances of egregious violations, the PCP may recommend that a formal complaint be initiated with the Professional Conduct & Ethics Committee (PCEC).

We're on top of any issues

The establishment of the PCP enabled NASS to monitor and investigate any issues, internal or external which may be deleterious to the organization. Through a protected confidential process, it is the intention of NASS to further the ethical and professional standards set by the society and further re-enforce culture of honor and transparency that NASS has fostered.