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NASS 2020 Virtual Experience

The delivery will be different but the terrific educational content remains the same.

NASSJ: COVID-19 Pandemic and the Implications for Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Residents and Fellows on Spine Rotations

The COVID-19 global pandemic has caused unprecedented levels of strain on the US healthcare system and its workforce, including orthopedic and neurosurgery residents and fellows and their spine surgery education…

NASSJ: Perioperative adverse events after different fusion approaches for single-level lumbar spondylosis

TLIF, PSF, AP fusion, and ALIF for single-level fusion for lumbar spondylosis have similar adverse outcomes at 30-day follow-up based on retrospective review of 1,816 cases in a prospectively collected national database.

Leaders in Federal Health Policy Address COVID-19-related Issues

The ongoing Congressional response to COVID-19 has been unprecedented in both scope and volume. In order to ensure providers are armed with the information and resources needed to help their patients and practices adapt and thrive, NASS, AAOS, and AANS/CNS have collaborated on a three week webinar series dedicated to providing first hand insight into past legislation and future relief efforts.

SpineLine: Curve/Countercurve Article on Medical Cannabis and Spine Pain

The effectiveness of cannabis for some people with chronic pain, the current evidence of efficacy and safety (upon which to base advice is insufficient), the potential underappreciated negatives, and the ethics that caregivers might consider with respect to medical cannabis recommendations.

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