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The 2022 Research Funding application deadline was May 9.
Details and application for 2023 coming soon.

Dr. Richard Skolasky Discusses NASS Research and Funding Opportunities

View the short video or check out the Research Funding Application FAQs to learn more about research opportunities available.

Research Grant Application

NASS Research Priorities

The North American Spine Society (NASS) Research Priorities outline the general priorities in research that NASS wants to support. The Research Priorities, last updated in 2013, has been reviewed by the Research Funding Committee to provide a standard definition of clinical, basic, and translational research and to highlight key areas that are consistent with NASS' mission to support high quality research that advances the field of spine care. After initial review by the Research Funding Committee, the draft document was reviewed by the Research Council and presented to the NASS Board of Directors. Prospective applicants should review the Research Priorities carefully to ensure that their proposal is responsive to those areas highlighted.

Richard L. Skolasky, Jr., Sc.D.
Chair, Research Funding Committee

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NASS Grants & Awards

Since its inception in 1985, NASS has funded over $4.3 million in multidisciplinary research. Researchers are encouraged to submit their projects for consideration.

NASS Research Funding Directory

Helping identify funding opportunities for spine research.

Research Funding Application FAQs

NEW: Principal Investigator required to be a NASS member for Letters of Proposal/Grant Invitations

NASS offers research grants and young investigator grants in the categories of Basic, Clinical or Translational. NASS also has a Nontraditional, Nonsurgical Treatment Grant (See application for descriptions). NASS has two types of traveling fellowships: Clinical and Research.

The number and amount of awards each year is determined by the grades of the applications completed by the Research Funding Committee along with the amount of money available for disbursement. Recommendations are forwarded to the Research Council and then to the Executive Committee for approval.

The deadline is usually the second week in February of each year. The deadline for 2022 is February 7, 2022; 11:59PM CST. Letters of Proposal are accepted via e-mail only to Amy Yahiro at

The deadline is usually the second week in May of each year. The deadline for invited grant applications is May 9, 2022; 11:59PM CDT.

The deadline is usually the second week in May of each year. For 2022, applications must be received in our office by May 9, 2022; 11:59PM CDT. Applications will be accepted by e-mail only to Amy Yahiro at

Contact Colleen O’Brien at or (630) 230-3664.

Yes. Any NASS international member in any specialty will be considered. The NASS Member must be in good standing regarding dues payments to NASS.

No. The budget should NOT include costs for attendance and/or presentation at the NASS Annual Meeting.

No. Award and grant recipients’ are responsible for their own expenses to attend the Annual Meeting including the registration fee. If recipients are unable to attend the meeting, their award will be mailed to them after the Annual Meeting.

The awards are presented to the recipients at the Research Grant/Fellowship Awards Ceremony during the Annual Meeting each year. If the recipient is not able to attend the Annual Meeting, the award will be mailed to them after the Annual Meeting.

Typically, decisions will be made mid to the end of August. Notifications will be sent via e-mail to all principal investigators who have submitted an invited grant application or fellowship.

  • The Principal Investigator is required to be a NASS member. The NASS Member must be in good standing regarding dues payments to NASS.
  • Any spine-related proposal will be considered; a qualified NASS Member in any specialty will be considered. International NASS Members are welcome to apply. NASS Medical residents are eligible with the condition that they have a mentor/faculty support to work with them.
  • NASS strongly encourages new investigators to apply.
  • Any principal investigator, co-investigator or collaborator that receives a research grant from NASS will not be eligible to apply for grant funding until three years after the date of the previous award.
  • Multiple grants will not be funded simultaneously to any principal investigator, co-investigator or collaborator.
  • The Letter of Proposal may be submitted in only one category; not multiple categories.
  • There is no limit to the amount that may be requested for funding. Refer to the application under Types of Funding Available for recommendations.
  • Funds are for work to be performed or works in progress, not works already completed.
  • As a 501(c)3 organization, NASS funding is typically NOT subject to IRB fees. NASS will pay reasonable IRB fees (Limit $2,000) with provided IRB documentation detailing the applicability of these fees to research funded by non-profit organizations.
  • NASS does not support research for independent manufacturers, industry development or personal business financial gain. NASS will be sensitive to this issue.
  • All correspondence will be sent to the principal investigator. It is the responsibility of the principal investigator to provide information to co-investigators.
  • Grants are awarded for one to two years at the discretion of the Research Funding Committee.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to have mentors or other senior researchers review Letters of Proposal and any Invited Grant Application before submission to NASS.
  • All projects are required to be completed within three years.
  • All fellowship applicants and invited grant applicants are required to submit a conflict of interest disclosure through the NASS website in accordance with NASS disclosure policy.
  • Cost-sharing of projects is encouraged. Please list other funding institutions/organizations and amount requested and/or awarded.
  • Funding will not be considered for applicants who:

    *Are excluded from federally funded health care programs. (See the HHS Office of the Inspector General’s List of Excluded Individuals and Entities at

    *Are debarred by the FDA (See FDA Debarment List

Applicants can contact Amy Yahiro also at (630) 230-3690 or